Tuesday, November 9, 2004

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Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Monday nights. Come on over, coffee's always on. And we reboil tea water every half hour.
2. My new Costco toy. It's got 15 multi-sized drawers. And it rolls. Only $39.99. (I'll post a pic of it in a day or two.)
3. That 14 years ago Max was born.

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JSY said...

I was gonna come over for craft night...but alas, I had to talk to the LMJKC director about the 'match' on Thursday, which is apparently like a practice show that the juniors are actually working, so Yaunna has to be in Port Moody at 6:15 AM (!!!) and will be gone allllll day, home early enough to eat a quick din-din, wash the dog slobber off her face, and get a piano lesson in before bed. I'm wondering if she will beg to stay home on Friday.

I gotta say, your blog postings are absolutely AWESOME. I love reading everything you write and I look forward to checking out your new stuff every day.......xoxox