Thursday, March 3, 2005

Come on in...

Just in case you were wondering what my work environment looks like, this is my desk. The big red exercise ball is our spare chair. If you visit me, that's where you'd sit. I have no drawers, so everything is on my desk top. All my papers, files, cards and notepads are on the shelf underneath my computer table. The only place to put my legs is folded back, under my chair.

Up until last week (when I finally stole a stool from the lunchroom and placed it on there) the printer was on the floor behind me. I had to kneel on the floor everytime I needed to print anything. (Which is about every 5 minutes. Due to the variety of items I print, I need to feed in one of three envelope options or one of 16 paper options.)

All the kneeling, getting up from kneeling, and getting up from my chair with my legs bent backwards was killing me.

I chalked it up to being old and fat.

And I used to think working at Bevo was hard on my legs.

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Christine said...

Wait a minute. You got drawers! I've been praying about your drawers "situation". and it's not thelack of drawers that's your problem. But I won't go into that. Men might read your blog.