Thursday, March 31, 2005

Drug induced deep thoughts

I haven't been following her story through the years, because, well, my life is about as big as me. But, now with this new world view I have, being a European traveller 'n all, and since I've been sicker 'n a dog this week, with nothing to do but ache and moan on the couch - I've taken an interest in something other than my own skin.

And I'm deeply saddened by the passing of Terry Schiavo.

I think If I had been Terry, I would have wanted the feeding tube removed. At that point, I'd be more than ready for heaven.
But I'd want someone who loved me to make that decision... someone like my mom. And dad.
Not some guy I married who had started in on a new life with a new wife and kids.


Anonymous said...

Definetly a difficult decision for anyone to make. When do we decide that we end a life? Is that not for God to decide? When do others decide anyone's life is not what they would like? Is that not for God to decide? If we are in a vegetive state is that being alive? When does death actually happen? Is it when we are brain dead or our heart stops beating? So many questions to think about and then to decide what one really believes.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's fair to assume that Terri's husband didn't love her deeply justy because he's moved on. I believe that he was doing his best to honor her wishes. I say that because my own father has expressed in his living will that he not be kept on life support if he were in a similar condition to Terri's. My question is why would her family want to keep her alive in that state? If they are belivers, they would know that what awaited her was everlasting love... and if they are not believers, do they really think she wanted to be kept in that state? I think both parties loved her deeply and disagreed on how that love would be expressed.

Christine said...

Sad thoughts. But nice you're home safe and sound, if only not as sick-as-a-dog. Chicken soup, and a "buckie." It's my new word. Learned it off Jenn's "Dish Rag." Now I'll be annoying people all over the place, shouting, "Is it tiem for a buckie?"

Glad you're home. Missed you. Get well.