Thursday, June 2, 2005

Meet Jennnifurrr. If I could I'd post a link to her blogs. She is brilliant. You should read her stuff... Posted by Hello


Christine said...

I like this one soooooo much better. Can we use this one instead. It's got Jennnniiifffuuuurrr in it, and that's why I like it. Hey, got an idea. Let's use Jennifer's face, and pretend it's mine. I don't go out in public much. That would work. And she's so smart. Only problem with that is, whey she gets published -- WHICH WILL HAPPEN -- everyone will think that I'm her pseudonym.

JSY said...

Again, I will use the 3-year-old's Word Du Jour. FARTFACE. Don't be mean to Christine, you -- Christine -- yeah, I'm talking to you.

That's a great camera, Jane. Don't chance breaking it by taking photos of icky scary weird people. (Like me.)

I gotta write something before I can be published, guys.

And by the way, STOP BEING SO NICE TO ME. You make me itch. Say something mean and then I can feel better about myself.

xoxo jennnnniiiiffffuuuuurrrrr

Christine said...

Hee, hee. Fartface. I like that one.

sincerely yours,