Thursday, July 7, 2005


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He called me grandma today. GRANDMA!
He's the new guy at work. 'Bout 21 years old. Don't think he shaves yet. Eats pop tarts for lunch. Grandma.
Must be the wrinkly face.
Or the paunchy mid section.
Or the flapping skin on my arms.
Or the basket of candies on my desk.
Or the floral flowing skirt.


I stopped in at IGA to pick up some groceries after work. The lady in front of me, who was in the process of paying as I was unpacking my stuff onto the conveyor belt, says to me, "Excuse me. I've just got to tell you, I love your skirt. The flowers. The way it flows as you move. The ruffle on the bottom. It's so feminine. Lovely. Just lovely."

"Oh, thanks. I think it makes me look like a grandma."

"Not at all. Where'd you get it?"

"Well, see... I had a wedding to go to. And I had absolutely NO time to try and clothes and coordinate an outfit, so I ran into the mall and bought everything they had in my size. This skirt came in two different colours; this one with flowers and another one - exactly the same - with pink polka dots. Bought them both and took the rest back...."

"I wonder if they still have any left. I just love it..."

She was a woman about twice my size. And about 10 years older.


Three things I'm happy about:
1. My long weekend started at 4:30 today. Yae. Four days off.
2. My friend from Bible-school-days is coming for a visit from Winnipeg. Yae. 48 hours of non-stop talking.
3. An event I'm planning for work looks like a good one. Hey, does anybody want to come to a one day seminar designed for executive leaders? The guy we've got booked is supposed to be utterly amazing. His insight and wisdom have transformed lives and organizations. This is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities. Are you free on Sept 30? Got a hundred bucks?

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ramblin'andie said...

I LOVE the polka dot skirt. I'm twice your size, but practically in my twenties. So my opinion should still count!

Christine said...

If only we cold see our beauty through different eyes than the young and the stupid and the media. If only we could enjoy those individual things that stand out in us -- Andrea's beautiful eyes and sweet spirit, Jenn's Mia Farrow face, Jane's deep throaty and sexy voice, and my sexy ankles. Not that there isn't so much, much more about us, but we are beautiful because we are women who God has made. Enjoy your feminine flowing skirt as it swishes about you. You are a woman.