Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Shoot. I missed it.

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My blog's one year anniversary was on June 29th.

I was kinda thinking of doing something special that day to celebrate. Like offer prizes. Or post nude pictures.

Instead, I stopped in at Max's school to pay his lost textbook fines and say goodbye to some familiar faces. Max has chosen to leave that school (sniff) and move on to a regular public high school in the fall. Then I ordered a corsage for Claire. Then I went to work. Then I picked up Claire who was getting her hair and make up done. I got home in time for Clint to take the truck to pick up his tux and the above mentioned corsage. Then he stopped in at his dad's house to borrow some dress shoes but set off the alarm and called me instead. I arranged for Max and Drew to get a ride up to the lake. Then I took Clint and Claire over to Shari's to wait for the limo. I then took 100 photos of amazingly beautiful young people. (My own grad photo? Way back in '79, Mark and I dropped in on my mom who was at work. She took a snapshot of us in all our finery in the parking lot near the corner of Fraser Hwy and 152nd Street. There I was in my Yofi Creation gown with dumptrucks barreling behind me...but I digress...) Back to 2005 -
I then came home, changed and left for downtown Vancouver at 5:30 pm in order to be at the Hyatt for a 7 pm dinner. Traffic was gnarly and I arrived at 7:45 pm. At 9:00pm there was the Poppy traditional grad-parent-first-dance-of-the-evening. Once I got over the horror of having my skin-and-bones son put his hand on my blubber roll, the song was over. (There were technical difficulties so the song lasted 19 seconds.)
By 10pm it was obvious I wasn't going to dance again, so I headed to the Sportplex to prepare for the dry grad event. I was the photographer. I stayed til 3 am then went home to down load photos. I went back at 5 am to chauffeur kids over to the Rooobs for breakfast. Then I posted said photos to my poppygrad blog. At 11 am I got ready for phase 6 of the grad festivities by shopping for groceries, packing the truck, returning the tux and doing a load of laundry. By 3pm Clint and I headed up to the lake. By 4pm, 10 of his friends had arrived. By 7pm I was feeding barbecued chicken and baked potatoes to 22 teenagers. At 11 pm I brought them warm-from-the-oven-and still-gooey brownies as they sat round the campfire. At 1:30 am, when they were all settled back inside the cabin playing texas-hold-em poker, I went to bed. At 4:15 am, the first car load left to catch a ferry. At 7:30 am the next group left for work. Shortly after lunch the last group left just as my parents arrived.

and that's why I didn't post anything special on PixnPose's First Anniversary.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I found my passport. NO. It wasn't in that mess in the garage. It was safely filed away with other important legal documents.
2. Fresh peaches and raspberried smooshed together in a big bowl with a sprinkle of sugar to make it all syrupy.
3. It's 12 pm and Drew hasn't called. Yae. He's probably snuggled in close to my dad with a fan blowing on his face and all the lights on in the room.

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Christine said...

You had a Yofi creation too. Of course you would have. So did I !!!! I think that after reading your emails and blog, that you deserve the Mother of teh Year award. You and Jenn, maybe.