Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Just a picture of a big dumb bird.
What makes it special though, is the way it ended up in my blog.
"Blogger" has made it easier to post photos.
I learned a new thing.

Ten things I want to do tomorrow:
1. Get up and give myself 45 minutes to prepare for the day, as opposed to the usual 25 frantic ones.
2. Pull out the weeds that are flourishing in my concrete patio cracks, instead of ignoring them.
3. Send the birthday cards that are getting squished in the bottom of my overnight bag.
4. Bake banana chocolate chip muffins. Or just throw away the old bananas.
5. Finish reading "Trace" by Patricia Cornwell and not start another book.
6. Fertilize my planters.
7. Go for a walk.
8. Write something deep and meaningful.
9. Take a photo that moves viewers to tears.
10. Make appointments. Dentist, doctor, mamogram, pedicure, forearm waxing, fitness guru.

Ten things I will definitely do tomorrow.
1. Spend 10 minutes in bed calculating how much time I really need to get ready.
2. Take the cards out of my overnight bag.
3. Decide it's too hot to bake.
4. Promise myself I'll definitely fertilize before the weekend.
5. Finish reading Trace. (Did you know the author dedicated this book "To Billy and Ruth Graham. I know no others like you, and I love you.)
6. Write a list of some sort.
7. Recharge my camera's batteries.
8. Look for phone numbers of places I need to make appointments at.
9. Drive past the drycleaners and wish I had put my pants in the truck so I could drop them off.
10. Be tired at 5 pm and crave a nap.

Take care,

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Christine said...

I think this should be published. I've seen lists published before, and yours are good -- funny and so darned true. I'll have to hear more about what this 'Trace' is about.