Thursday, July 14, 2005

I've got the mammograph appointment phone number right here in front of me. Doubt anyone would be able to help me at this hour.
Pulled out 6 weeds then remembered that Round Up is my friend.
I walked to and from my truck 14 times today...not sure if that counts as 'going on a walk'...
And I didn't finish reading any stinkin book. Maybe tomorrow.

So much for lists.

Three things that make me smile:
1. "That" sound my computer makes when new mail arrives.
2. The sound of a dryer. Especially when it's the last load.
3. The love birds next door cooing in their cage on the patio.

Not so much -
The sound of crows RIGHT OUTSIDE MY OPEN WINDOW at 4:52 am fighting over the brass jingle bells Drew and Zac lobbed into my gutters with tennis rackets. It might have been funny to watch at, say, 4;52 PM...ornery crows with jingle bells in beaks...but not at the crack o dawn.

Take care,


Christine said...

Yes, walking bck and forth to your truck 14 times does count as a walk. I count walking up the stairs to my bedroom for a nap as a walk. So, you're goin for the old book squisharoo. Have fun. Dang it, I think I'm supposed to do that one of these years. Been praying for Clint. Any news on how he's doing at camp?

Christine said...

Sorry. Can't type. That's BOOB-squisharoo, not book squisharoo.