Sunday, July 17, 2005

Wonk us willya?

I think he channeled Mr. Rogers and added a Michael Jackson twist as he played this character.

Disturbing, mostly.

Didn't drool once.

Still, underneath that thick layer of white make up and retarded hair do, is a skeleton with amazing cheekbones. Not to mention perfect lips.

The weekend is almost over. Which might be a good thing, considering this one was completely made up spontaneous late night activities.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I have enough energy to be enthusiastic when the kids want to do something random after 10 pm.
2. Their bizaare plans are not illegal, unsafe or immoral.
3. I am still included in their plans.

(Well, yeah. OK.I know I'm mostly along as a chauffuer and finacer, but still....)

1 comment:

Christine Lindsay said...

You're wise to enjoy this while it lasts. There will come a time when they no longer need you as chauffer and even later they will no longer need you for money, much.