Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ok. That's it.

Did someone order super-sized spiders for any particular reason? Cuz, the jumbo ones living at my house are freaking us out.
Max couldn't find the Raid spider spray the other night so he grabbed an aerosol can of Axe deodorant and his lighter and sizzled the bad boy who was taking up floor space in the bathroom. He left the charred carcass for me to dispose of.
Last night, 'jumbo's' big brother scared the crap out of Clint and his friend. They were watching a snowboarding video and heard him sneaking across the floor. It took two of them to bag that baby. Like cats, they left their 'kill' for me in the kitchen sink.
Dead and shrivelled, it was the size of my palm.

Is spider season scheduled to end soon?

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