Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Yeah. Sure.

"You are going to love having another driver in the family."
"It'll be easier once he's driving his own car."
"You will be amazed who much free time you'll have once he transports himself."

My sister said she could cut my hair today if I got there by 5 pm.
No problem.
I'll leave work at 4:20.
Pick up Max and Zac from their work at 4:30.
Be at her place by 4:45.
Have these irritating bangs trimmed by 5:00.
Be smiling again by 5:01

Then Drew called. He needed to be picked up by 5:00. No later.
Do I sacrifice a haircut in order to get him from his dad's place on time?
No, wait!
Clint can get him.
He has an insured vehicle. He has a licence.
He can probably find his way to his dad's house by himself.

It's a perfect, fool proof plan.

I make all the arrangements and am amazed how simple it is to be at 2 places once when someone else can be at that other place...

I'm packing up my desk at 4:15, when my partner says to me, "Can I get a ride?"
Nuts, I think to myself. I didn't count on this.
"It's only to my wife's work...I'll be ready in a sec."
Which isn't usually a problem, I've given him rides before.
But his wife's work is in the opposite direction of where I am going to pick up Max and Zac.
I travel 10 minutes north and drop him off then turn around, go through 17 intersections and travel 10 minutes south. I pick the boys up at 4:45.

Not so bad. I'll get to her place by 5:00.

I call Clint to remind him to pick up Drew and suggest he attach his licence plate to the vehicle.
"With screws."
"I'll just use duct tape."

Two minutes later, my cell phone rings. It's Clint...

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