Tuesday, September 6, 2005


"But I'm not tired."
"Just go to bed. We've got to get up early for school."
"I'm tellin ya, there's no way I'm gonna to fall asleep."

He did go to bed at 10:00 pm
He was calm and docile at 11:00 pm
His brothers came home from the TFK concert at midnight...which gave him his second wind.
At 12:30 he had a stomach ache.
"Its just nerves about your first day of school tomorrow..."
"No. I'm not nervous."
"Excited then..."
"No. I'm nothing. I don't care about school."
"Well, I think your stomach is a bit anxious..."
"No it's not. It just hurts. Alot. I want to pound it."

I gave him a melatonin thinking it would help him relax again.
"I want to run. My legs have so much energy. They can't stay still."

At 1:00 pm I suggested he soak in my tub for a few minutes.
At 1:30 pm I gave him a hot water bottle to place on his stomach.

At 1:45 Max got out of bed with a stomach ache. I found him in the kitchen.
"What are you doing?"
"I just remembered that I didn't have supper before we left for the concert. My stomach hurts, I think I'm hungry."
"Your stomach hurts because you're nervous about starting a new school in the morning."
"I'm not nervous. I don't care."
He was back in bed by 2:00, but in pain. A sore back from moshing. A sore stomach from ...?
I heated up a Magic Bag for his owies.

Drew was still up at 2:00 am and getting panicky; "I'll never fall asleep. My stomach is going to hurt forever."
I suggested we listen to a CD from the Narnia series. (All 7 books on an 18 disc CD set available at Costco.)
So he moved his fan and ghetto blaster into my room, turned on my closet light (as a night light), put in the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe disc, rolled over onto his side so that I could scratch his back, and settled down.

We both listened in silence for 15 minutes.
"Mom? I can't hear it with you snoring so loud."
What is wrong with me? How can I snore and be awake at the same time?
I am SO never going to share my bed with a man.

By 3 am, no one was stirring not even a mouse.

7 am came too quickly.
We were all kinda grouchy this morning.

It's now just past midnight.
I gave Drew some gravol 10 minutes ago.

That child better be asleep by the time I go upstairs.

It's going to be another short night... Clint just told me he has to be up by 4:30 am.

I miss summer.
Only 319 days to go.

First pro-D day is in 28 days. With positive thinking and some St John's Wort maybe I can make it.

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