Thursday, September 22, 2005

Four on Friday

1: If you were offered an opportunity to travel free of charge to any destination on earth for just a 30 minutes visit, where would you choose to go and why?

2:The average automobile stands still 23 hours a day. How about yours... how many hours a day would you say your car sits idle?

3: How often do you wash your hair?

4: What, if anything, is on the outside of your refrigerator?

Hey Blogging Buddies. Copy and Paste. I'll be checking...

1. Hmmm. Half an hour...Apparently the Taj Mahal is good for about 30 minutes then it gets boring. So, final answer - India.

2. The wheels are my car go round and round at least 3 hours at day. Some days it is in motion close to 6 -7 hours. The sad thing is I don't go anywhere. I just keep going in circles dropping off and picking up kids.

3. I wash my hair everyday. Sometimes twice. It is very oily. I hate it.

4. The outside of my refrigerator has photos and magnets on it. Wanna see?
(Hmmm. I just took a picture of my fridge front and uploaded it. But I can't see it anywhere. Wonder where it ended up?)

Those were kinda dumb questions.

I don't make them up. I get them from a site that generates 4 new questions every Friday. See, I need help with these things. No way I could figger out 4 questions to ask myself.

Later gators,


Christine Lindsay said...

Eiffle Tower, Paris for 30 minutes sounds good.

automobile stands still -- amazingly 23 hours.

Wash my hair every second day.

Too many dang magnets, pieces of paper, a few photos, and dirt on the outside of my frige.

shelaine said...

india! good choice! taj mahal is too hot for more than 30 minutes ;) hehe... that and i'm really the worst "tourist" there is...

My Thots said...

For the answers you'll have to see my blog! Tee Hee