Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm addicted

The first time I played the easy level I gave up after 45 minutes.
The second time I finally finished at 30 minutes.
(The average time to complete an easy level game - according to their site stats - is 10 minutes.

Tonight: 5 minutes, 24 seconds baby! (That's in the top 12%.)

Oh yeah.
Beat that.
Come on, I dare you to try.

Keep reading.
I get humble again real quick.

Lest you be concerned about my over inflated ego regarding this obvious display of superior brain power, rest assured that I am struggling with grade 6 math this year.

THREE And A HALF (bloody) hours I sat next to him at the kitchen table tonight. It was with NO joy that I taught myself the first unit of sixth grade math - and then (with not alot of patience, especially after 11 pm) I endeavoured to teach Drew. He has gone to school for a whole month and not caught on to a single concept. He was "getting" it just as his body shut down from extreme fatigue.
It's going to be a long year.

Max is toying with the idea of going "grunge" ... as in - no showering.

Someone left the door open on our upright freezer over the weekend. It's in the garage, and seeing I don't park my truck in there because $4000 worth of green packing chippies are taking up all the space, no one noticed it right away.

When one of the kids saw blood dripping down the front and onto the floor (from the defrosted roasts), they closed the door almost shut. Which caused that puppy to produce a 4 inch layer of thick frost on everything.

Sunday afternoon, I unplugged the beast, and put all the frozen, then defrosted, then refrozen meat into two coolers.
Later that night, Clint and Max cleaned all the blood and water out of the freezer and plugged it back in.

I opened the coolers this afternoon. Uh huh. That meat is now defrosted again. And a tad smelly.

When we switched our family room around last week to make room for the new carpet, we ended up gaining a coffee table. The TV used to sit on it, but we put an end table under the TV and moved the coffee table on top of the carpet, in front of the couch.
While I was breaking a new record on Sudoku, Drew and his friend were did their homework in the family room, sitting on the carpet, using the coffee table as their desk.
"Mom? Do you have a black felt somewhere? We're making posters. There's no black felt pen in the box."
I threw over a Sharpie pen and kept at my game.

A few minutes later I hear a "Shoot." The some whispering. And then a "Don't worry, I can take care of this."

Frantic rubbing and wiping sounds come next. And more whispering.

Forever and ever we will remember this day whenever we look at the coffee table.
They weren't exagerating when they said "permanent".

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I finally did catch on to recursive number patterns. Whew.
2. Tomorrow is garbage pick up day.
3. Post it Notes. I just bought a jumbo rainbow pack. I love em. They're my favorite office supply item.

Take care

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Christine Lindsay said...

Recursive numbers, huh? As far as I'm concerned you are genius. I hate elementary school. They put so much pressure on kids. I wish for the good old days, when kids could just go into a career closest to the way God made them.