Thursday, September 8, 2005

A New Feature for Fridays...

(From the Daily Meme... ideas for bloggers. Every Friday I'll post the 4 questions they suggest. Fellow blogging friends; feel free to cut and paste this list and answer them on your blogs.)

Q1: What's the last item of clothing you ironed?
Q2: How many doors do you open over the course of a typical day? Which door do you look forward to opening the most?
Q3: How important are 'the arts' in your life?
Q4: If you had the budget to do so, what benefit would you add to your employer’s benefits plan?

1. A light mauve sleeveless top. It wrinkled itself immediately afterwards, so ironing, once again, proved to be a waste of time. Max has carefully placed his button-up dress shirts on the end of the ironing board and sweetly asked if I could iron them for him. I might. But then again... I probably won't.

2. Doors. Opening... lessseee...maybe 20 - 30 doors? Is that reasonable? Truck door about 12 times, house door about 6 times, bathroom door twice, office door twice, some grocery store once, door to the garage - three or four times..... yeah - 30 seems about right. How about you? Aren't these questions incredibly boring? Not sure if I should keep going with this little writing project.
My favorite door to open; the cabin's sliding door that leads out onto the deck.

3. If "arts" means anything creative - well then, they are very important. They bring colour and joy to my life. I live in a right brained world. Any contributions to my life from the lefties are welcome, be it music, books, art, photgraphy...

4. I'd love it if our employee benefit's plan included an allowance for clothing. Because I hate buying and wearing stupid office clothes. They wreck my day. It's my least favorite part of the morning... getting dressed. Shudder.

Wasn't that fun?
Tune in next Friday for four more equally stimulating querries.

Three things I'm thanking God for:
1. The wind
2. Opportunities
3. Unexpected reasons to smile

Take care,

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