Sunday, October 23, 2005

Diana Gabaldon

Such a lovely woman.
Her son, Sam was in Surrey for lunch as well.

S i g h .
I love hanging out with writers.


Ever have one of those evenings that surprisingly turns out special.
I had one tonight.

"Can we make those shields too, mom?" Drew asks.
"Sure." I say, wondering how in the world I'll ever get his brothers to agree to join us.

At work this week, as part of our staff development day, we each were to create "coats of arms" that symbolize different aspects of who we are. Drew was fascinated with the whole project and wanted us to make our own at home.

Despite my misgivings, both Clint and Max were at the table tonight with pencils and felt pens each creating their own personal coats of arms.
"What goes in this corner?" Clint wonders.
So I show them the template: 5 different sections -
Section 1 - Draw a symbol to represent something you're good at. One of your "gifts" or talents. Something that is natural for you to do.
Section 2 - Draw a symbol to represent something you're proud of. An accomplishment.
Section 3 - Draw a symbol to represent your life focus. Your motto. Your purpose.
Section 4 - Draw a symbol to represent a "Jesus - trait" that you'd like to emulate in the next six months.
Section 5 - Draw a symbol to represent the thing that you love to do. The thing that gives you energy and life. The thing that you never get tired of doing.

Expecting everyone to get bored after 5 minutes I told them a quick sketch would suffice. Half an hour later, we were all still working on our works of art.

When we were done, we held up our shields and explained what our stick men and scribbles meant.

My heart is full.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. All the "to Jane, from Author" personally signed books I bought this weekend. (Terry Brooks, Jean Aule and Jennifer Crusie.)
2. Chicken broth in litre tetra packs.
3. Tweezers.

Proverb for the day:
The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume. 27:9

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