Monday, October 17, 2005

Even better than Dictionary Day...

October 17 is GAWDY DAY!

Perfect! All my office clothes are at the drycleaners. Gawdy Day will work nicely with whatever I have stacked up in my closet.

Three things that made me smile in the past 30 minutes:

1. Drew's comment tonight after the 4 of us prayed he's rubbing my back he asks, "Are you going to stay up for while and read your Bible?"
"Oh good. I always fall asleep faster knowing you're in your room doing that."

2. Clint saying, "I'll pray for our family tonight."

3. Max worrying about my lack of church attendance this month. "Come on, Mom. It's been three weeks. What's going on? You can't keep missing..."


Christine Lindsay said...

So cool when the accountability thing gets reversed.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of your boys...and of you, God is answering prayers. Don't give up on church, they need you there and you need to be there for your boys and for yourself. I know after a week of work the bed is so welcoming.