Monday, October 17, 2005

In honor of Gawdy Day I'm wearing grey sweatpants with a red logo on the thigh with a bright pink sleeveless t-shirt and a light aqua blue fleece vest with black flip flops. My hair is pulled by a complicated assortment of elastics, plus the bangs have been lifted off my face with a green headband.

No you can't drop by tonight.

I won't even answer the door.

As it has been explained to me, patiently, by my son Who Knows All Things, my computer is a piece of crap and it's time to buy a new one.

I am unable to download any photos off my camera onto my 'puter because the hard drive is full and faulty.
I am unable to burn any of my photo files onto CD's because my hardrive has a scratch/glitch/thing which won't allow me to.
I am unable to delete any photo files off my computer because something has happened which makes an error message pop up everytime I try.

And, oh my goodness, I Have Tried.

Along with that, our internet connection/router troubles have multiplied. Every 7 minutes we lose our connection.

And every half hour, regardless of who is doing what, this box from hell freezes up and refuses to budge.

The timing has been bad, naturally. It's not the best time of the month to be frustrated with technology. Thank goodness all I've done is cry. No lashing out this month. No long drives to cool off. Just many tears as I sit here wishing this little corner of my house wasn't so important for communication, creativity, entertainment and education.

So, while I'd really rather have a laptop that I can use in my bedroom, or some tall trees to bring balance and beauty to the front yard, or a tropical holiday to ward off the inevidable winter blahs, or a couch for the living room, or liposuction for this midsection, or laser surgery for my failing eyesight... it looks like I'm buying a new computer.

It will be the answer to all our problems. We will never be frustrated again. Life will be perfect.

and they all lived happily ever after.


There was a message on my phone from my dad tonight:
"Jane? Why aren't you going to church?"

This is why:
On Friday night, I was a driver and photographer for the youth event. This involved two and a half hours of playing in the rain. Not just any rain... Torrential DownPour Rain.
Then, I had the 4 hour pleasure of creatively removing the images from my camera onto Clint's computer, then transferring them to mine, so I could post them on the blog I set up for the youth.

On Saturday I prepared for a Sunday luncheon meeting Clint offered to host at our house. I assumed the leadership team was coming (6 adults). Before I went to bed, at1:00 am Max let me know it would probably be 12 - 15 people... so instead of church, I reset the table and bought more food. I didn't stay in bed.

Relax, dad. 'S all good.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Canucks have won more than they've lost.
2. Drew asked for a haircut. Yay. I don't have to "suggest" it.
3. Writer's conference is in 5 sleeps.

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Christine Lindsay said...

Get the computer. A lot of life can go on in our imagination. You can do all of the above by writing about it.