Sunday, November 27, 2005

4 on Fri

Q1. Which do you prefer, rain and mild or cold and snowy weather?
Q2. Would you rather have a weekend away in the country or in the city?
Q3. Would you rather have someone give you a gift or do something nice for you?
Q4. What is your favorite snack food? Salty or sweet?

A1: Cold and snowy. I don't do 'wet'well.
A2: If the country has a beach, sunshine, comfortable lawn chair and ocean waves - then count me in. Remembering my trip to Europe, my favorite places were not those famous cities (Paris, Venice or Florence) but the coastal ones. Or the mountainous ones. Or the scenic ones.
A3: I appreciate all demonstrations of kindness. The gift of affirmation through words seems to have the most lingering impact.
A4: Sweet. Most definitely sweet.

Thanks Lynne, for posting Four on Friday on Friday. Where'd you get the questions from? Other blogging friends - feel free to post answers in your blogs.

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My Thots said...

Thanks for posting your answers. Answering your question - I made them up myself.