Friday, November 25, 2005

Trrr ahhh di SHON. Tradition.

Sunrise. Sunset.

If I were a rich man...

If you can at all squeeze this into your weekend - I highly recommend you phone Pacific Academy RIGHT NOW and get tickets to their school play this weekend.

Crap. I'm such a sap.
But heck it was steeped. Moving. I'm so glad I brought paper towels along with me. Not the whole roll, just a dozen squares or so.
For those from Fundy - Thomas Allen was the lead. Uh huh, oh boy. Who knew he had it in him? Incredible voice.
For those from Fraser Heights - Angela Hiebert and Stephen Buse had major roles as well.
For those from North Surrey - Reo Jerome was a Russian.
And for those from Billies - Cynthia's daughter had a bit part too.

So, not only was the production unbelievably entertaining and completely professional - it felt like reunion night in lil ol Surrey. Little bits and pieces from various eras in my past collided together and re-surfaced through out the evening. Very cool.

No really. It was.
VERY cool.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Friends who say, "Hey! Want to see a play with me?"
2. Sons who say as I'm leaving, "You're going to see a play? Why didn't you get tickets for us? Can I come?"
3. Talented actors who memorize lines, learn songs, practice stage movements and perform for us not-so-talented folks in the audience.

What a great evening.

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