Friday, November 11, 2005

LIVE From Snowy Whistler...

We're here.
It snowed today. Big, fat, slow-falling, picturesque, snowflakes. Quite lovely.
My hair is an absolute mess. Flat bangs resting on the bridge of my nose.

The older boys snowboarded all day, then shopped for a few hours in the village. Dane passed out on the couch, while Clint and Max went back out to hunt down some hot wings. Now they're at a movie.

Drew, Sandra and I walked around the village this afternoon, then Drew sweetly asked Sandra to join him in the outside pool. What a trooper she is...she did laps with him in the big pool and soaked with him in the hot tub. I was the coat rack/towel holder.

This is a beautiful place to be.
Both outside and inside. Our accomodations are perfect. Well, they're perfect NOW. There was an offesive odor when we arrived last night. But 1/2 dozen scented candles effectively took care of that.

Today is Friday, so I might as well do the "4 on ..."

Q1: What has been the best moment on this trip so far?

Last night, Drew and I were in our loft room, each in our own twin bed trying to fall asleep. The older boys were downstairs in the livingroom, talking quietly, with the lights on. (Our loft is above the living room with windows opening up to the vaulted ceiling.) Drew puts his hands back behind his head takes a deep breath and says, "I love this place. It's so luxurious. Look at all the wood... and these lights. And all the safety features... the smoke detectors and sprinklers...I feel so safe. The best part is being in bed when other people are still up and talking. And the lights from downstairs come straight through this window. So it's not dark or anything. And my mom is lying in the bed beside me. This is perfect for a scaredy cat person like me. I love this place."

Coming from a kid who was NOT going to join me on this trip, it was like a healing balm on my heart.

Q2: What's been the scariest part of this trip?

After working a 6 hour day and driving back and forth to Chilliwack, Clint insisted he wanted to drive the Sea to Sky Highway. My left leg was permanently locked in the brake position and my entire body was tense for 3 l o n g hours. It wasn't until we avoided a near miss, and I was in the driver's seat, that I finally let my breath out.

Q3: What's the most disappointing part of this trip?

The food. It's been so good. I have not walked it off.

Q4: Which is better - SunPeaks or Whistler?

Sunpeaks holds a special place in my heart. It will always be the best.
But this is an incredible place too...

My time is up. (Internet Cafe in the Lobby - 20 cents a minute...)

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Christine Lindsay said...

Sounds so magical. Makes me want to go there too. Take my kids and watch the snow fall. Drew is such a sweetie pie, eh?