Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I saw another movie last night.

Just kidding.
Spent the evening at Buckies. A friend of mine bought the same camera as me (actually two friends did) and she wanted me to have a look at the photos she's taken. Not having learned how to download them yet, I scrolled through her card while it was still in the camera. Next thing you know she'll be blogging...

Due to a screamin headache, I have no creative thoughts bumping around in my brain. So I'm borrowing these Top Ten lists from because it still is Tuesday, sort of.

Top Ten re: doing
by Bill Boerman-Cornell

Top Ten Things I wish I had the Guts, Time, Faith, or Money To Do
1.Sell our second car and take the bus to work.
2.Go to Washington and sit outside the White House for months and months until I could talk to President Bush, then try to convince him that the poor of this country are worth caring for, that the environment is worth saving, and that the war against terrorism isn't working.
3.Learn to play the bagpipes.
4.Spend no money at all next Christmas.
5.Bike across the country with my daughter.
6.Walk to the grocery store, haul food back in my kids' little red wagon.
7.Confront Christians who are moving away from racially mixedneighborhoods.
8.Buy dinner for a mean person and be nice to him or her.
9.Canoe across Lake Michigan.
10.Sue the NRA.

My list would include stuff like;
Go back to school for photography/graphic design
Go on a missions trip to Africa with my kids
Cut my hair off
Join a care group/bible study
Volunteer at our local hospital
Believe that I am worth the time and energy it would take to get back in shape
Switch to whole grain bread
Buy a smart car
Learn to swim

Top Ten Things I Hope to do in Heaven
again, by Bill...
1.Take classes.
2. Play with the legos.
3. Listen to my grandpa, C.S. Lewis, Dante, Martin Luther King, and God tell stories.
4. Ride bikes with my friends.
5. Read for hours in a hammock.
6. Eat the food.
7. Build sand sculptures on the beach.
8. Race cheetahs.
9. Listen to the music—all the music.
10. Teach.

I like his list.
I want to do most of those things too. In addition to playing with Legos I would colour in a colouring book with brand new crayola crayons that never go dull. I would use the aqua marine crayon alot.
Plus I plan on doing some dancing.
And I hope we can play games. I like Scattegories, Yahtzee and Skip Bo. Maybe I'll get to win once in awhile up there.
I'd like it if all the clothes had elasticized waists. Or, better yet, no waist bands at all, flowing gowns work for me...
I'm looking forward to non-stop smiling and unconditional loving.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. It's Ali's birthday today. Have a Happy one...
2. Our church
3. Bubble Baths


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Christine Lindsay said...

The aqua-marine crayon made me smile. I can so see that in you. Maybe if I can remember I'll buy you a whole box of them.