Sunday, January 15, 2006

If you're a list lover,

then check out this:
Lots of top ten list articles this week.

The "Water" one was interesting in that, while I didn't skinny dip in the Mediteranean off the coast of Italy near the Cinque Terre like the author of that article did - I WAS THERE. And took pictures of grade 9 students splashing in the Mediteranean with appropriate swim wear on.

It's weird reading a list like that. Made me shiver. I WAS THERE.

I had another one of those moments this past weekend.
As is our usual custom, we eat our first meal while at Harrison at a small German restaraunt on the main drag uniquely named The Black Forest. Most of us order Goulash to start with Schnitzel and Spaetzel as our main course. A tradition I started years ago was to bring along "Scattegories" to play while we waited for our meals to be served. We have eaten in this quaint establishment many many times and are very comfortable in our surroundings.
Just as the evening was ending, I took a closer look at the mural on the wall right beside our table.
"I've been there," I say. "Look Max. We've been there!"
"Yeah. In that castle. And this bridge! We were on that bridge."
"I've got a picture of that gate."
My mom pipes up. "I remember seeing that picture. You were standing right there."
"I know!" Max continues reminiscing, "And there's a statue of a monkey at that end."
Some one asks what city it is but I've drawn a blank.
"Heidelberg," my mom says with authority.
The waitress comes back and says, "Who said Heidelberg? You're right."
Just one of those cool moments.
I wonder if world travelers get goosebumps all the time, or does it get old?

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