Wednesday, February 1, 2006

First things first

I needed 'driving clothes'. Something comfortable. With a stretchy waist band.

Bought my first ever "track suit"...Also known as A Yoga Outfit ...also known as Driving Clothes.

Black with a narrow aqua line down the sides with a matching zip up non-hooded jacket. (Not pictured here, but you get the idea.)
I look retarded.
The kids just stared.

But who's gonna be laughing after 17 hours on the I-5???
I will be so comfy.

And sleepy.



Anonymous said...

I always like to have a little something in the wardrobe to mightily embarrass my kids when they need it. The other day I wore (yes, out of the house, and with my 15-yr-old daughter and her friend in the car with me!) flared sweat pants that didn't quite meet my white ankle socks, and my socked feet stuffed into sandals. She'll learn not to mess with me.

Christine Lindsay said...

Did you color that aqua line in with one of your aqua colored crayons?