Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ahhhh. Too cute

James and Julia.
Just engaged.
Getting married sometime soon...Maybe July? Maybe September? Maybe in BC? Maybe in Ontario?

The kids and I were at the engagement party this afternoon. Clint fell asleep on the couch, Max threw up. Drew counted hearing aids. Their social skills are so pathetic you'd think they were raised in a barn.

Oh wait, they were.

Thank goodness they are loved anyways.

John and Val, you've raised an awesome son. And he's chosen a wonderful young woman for his bride. Thanks for including us in this afternoon's celebration. Sorry about the, you know...


(A few more pics of the event have been posted in the O's Photo Album. Click on the link in my blogroll.)

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Anonymous said...

auntie jane
thank you for the photoessay of the afternoon.
the pictures are great.