Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Curling and WofF

Max is on the mend.
Clint is relapsing but has no option but to continue working.
Drew and I are giving in to the discomfort. We've each claimed a couch and he has control of the remote.
In response to my scratching, pleading voice, begging of him, "Please, can we watch something not animated?"... he switches over to the Women's Scott something National something Curling Tournament and cheers on the BC gals.
Every hour or so we take a break and sit upright (him on my lap, paralyzing my legs) at the computer and play Wheel of Fortune. We are an awesome team. Someday we should go on the show together if they ever have a mother-son tournament.

You know, when 4 out of 4 members of a family feel crappy, it shows. The bare minumum gets done and everyone walks in slow motion.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. People are falling in love. Congrats James and Julia on your engagement!
2. Hope.
3. Eleven year old boys with deep brown eyes who like to snuggle.


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