Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Guess who's very tired of washing dishes by hand?

Along with 16 other things, getting a new dishwasher is a priority this week.

Three things I'm thankful for -
1. The great walk Drew and I went on tonight. We meandered through the neighbourhood going up and down firelanes previously unnoticed.
2. The wonderful conversations Drew and I had while walking. Love that kid.
3. Clint just came in here and squished an annoying bug for me. I could have done it, but that would have meant I'd have to move. And I'm quite comfortable right now. I could get used to this business of blogging from my bedroom. NO, a web cam will not be the next toy I bring to bedroom blogging.


1 comment:

raych said...

be glad you even HAVE a dishwasher. one that works MOST of the time. be glad you aren't dependant on the kitchen faucet to wash ALL your dishes, ALL the time, so that, should it choose to inexplicably rust off, you would be left washing dishes in the tub. because THAT, my friend, is not a party.