Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Top Ten on Tuesday. Whoops. It's Wednesday, isn't it?

Top Ten (well, "top" is a relative term ...) Random Thoughts on My Mind Right Now:

1. Blogging is free. I don't pay anyone. I use this site, with all it's bells and whistles - and it doesn't cost me a dime. Or a penny. How does that work? Internet space is free? The guys who designed this blogger thing... how do they get paid? I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering how it all works. And should I prepare myself for the day when I'm going to have to pay a fee to use this service?
2. Not all my random thoughts will be 5 sentences long. The rest of them will likely be shorties.
3. I get an "excellent" signal strength when I sit on the chair in my room with this heat source on my lap. But I lose my internet connection when I use my laptop on my bed. Wireless internet is not all it's cracked up to be.
4. Salmon coloured geraniums are my favorite summer bedding plant. Purple johnny-jump-ups are my favorite fall annual. I have never knowingly bought red flowering plants.
5. I'm half-way done. Coming up with ten random thoughts will be more of a challenge than I anticipated.
6. Drew was worried that the world was going to end today He'd heard some 06-06-06 predictions and it was freaking him out. "Have you thought about praying about it?" I asked.
"Yeah. I've prayed like 100 times already today.. please don't end the earth today. I don't want there to be an apocolypse. But if there is one, can I come to heaven. Please forgive me and take me with you."
7. I finished reading the National Geographic Magazine - Digital Photography edition this afternoon. Some articles were amazingly inspiring. All three kids have looked through it too. Which made for good dinner time conversation.
8. A brand new laptop is empty. No favorites. No files. No history. Feels wierd.
9. Having Clint off work this week is kinda nice. It's almost like having another adult around.
10. I want to go to Bryce Canyon really badly.

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