Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's the first day of summer, Let's celebrate...

"I know. Let's go to the beach. And have gelato. And watch the sun set over the ocean."
"I've got homework."
"I have to study for a final."
"That sounds like a dumb idea."
"I don't want to."

I want to do something special on this day. I live with non-celebratory kin.

So Mandi and I rolled out dough, dropped it into a pan of boiling oil and made Roll Kuchen...

...while Zac and Drew cut up watermelon:

As far as summer meals go, it was pretty close to perfect.

But then, oh my goodness, to top it off, we each had one of these:

They taste like sunshine. Orange Crush and vanilla ice cream. A cookie? Or a float?

We're all still buzzing from the sugar.

Afterwards, I tried again. "Who wants to go to White Rock?"

I ended up sitting on the couch watching two hours of "So you think you can dance?"

(I think I love that show.)

And so, despite the lack of fanfare, Summer is here.

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