Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June is tiring (some of) us out

Poor ol Max. This business of doing a whole year's worth of homework in the last 2 weeks of June is just about killin him.
Poor baby. All tuckered out...

Drew on the other hand has more energy than the Hoover Dam. It's midnight. I can still hear him wrestling his blanket in the other room.
Some may say its because he has too much sugar in his diet.
Others would say its because he is exposed to too much stimuli at the end of the day.

I say it's in his DNA.
I'm sure his bro at camp is still putzing around, driving his cabin mates crazy.
I know my mom is still up, playing solitaire and waiting for me to post this fascinating tidbit.
I'm certainly wide awake.

In addition to his body being twichy, his mind is alert and operating on overdrive these days.
He's finishing up grade 6. In the fundamental system that's significant. Next year he'll start middle school.

We had to get ready tonight.

No more cloakrooms. Cubbies. Or hooks.

Next year he'll have a locker.

With a lock.

No way he was going to bed, much less fall asleep til he had mastered the moves.

He's ready.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The police incident on the pier on Saturday night ended peacefully with no arrests.

2. Summer officially begins TODAY!

3. My new partner at work has offered to teach me a thing or two about the graphic design program we use at the office. He may even install the software onto my 'puter.

Are you getting tired of that "you must use" pop up that opens every time you visit my blog? So am I. At the end of the week I'm going to delete that post. So if you want to watch the mentos and diet coke video again - do it before Friday.



Anonymous said...

O good the pop up shall soon cease to exsist. I thought that was only my problem!!Keep writting-I'll keep reading.Marg

My Thots said...

Me too thought it was my computer and thought "Oh great another thing that's messing up!!@@#$#@$!$#
Jen told me everything except the "police Incident" about Saturday. Care to share. Email me, K?
Bye the way I was at your church on Sunday and was sad you weren't there. Oh well maybe next time. I hear Max has told Jen she can come to the cabin to visit them after camp some weekends. Should be fun.

raych said...

thank God for small mercies. i was waiting for that post to go to the archives, but this is a way better idea. fun video.