Monday, June 19, 2006

It's so quiet...

I spent Saturday at the beach photographing kids and babysitting skim boards.
I spent Sunday at the lake puttering around in the yard.
I spent today at work.
At 6:00pm I had 16 people over for dinner. Sure, they were family. And yes, everyone contributed to the meal (except me. I supplied the house, a BBQer, [Max] a TV to watch the game on, and cleaning up responsibilites) but still. I had 16 people over for dinner.
(It was supposed to be 14 - what with Clint gone for the summer and all... but he called at 5:00 pm and said he was on his way home with one of his team members to pick up supplies. So - 16 it was.)

By 10:30 pm everyone was gone. Max and Drew went over to their dad's. Clint and Nick went back to camp. And I'm in bed with a machine that gently hums.

I am not often alone in this house. Since Clint graduated from high school, he has stayed here even on nights when his brothers were at Mark's. He is as much a night owl as I am, so most nights, he'd be down the hall from my room, clicking away on his keyboard while I was reading myself to sleep.

But his 'puter is off tonight.

It's very quiet 'round here.

Could be long summer...

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I have a pretty cool family.
2. My backyard looked decent tonight.
3. My new appliances came in very handy ...


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