Thursday, July 13, 2006

Some nights are just like that.. Perfect.

I knew it'd be a great evening when I hesitantly cut into a soft avacado expecting to see mushy brown and instead saw a wonderful soft green. THAT is my new favorite colour. Avacado green. Not the ugly one from the '70's but the beautiful one found inside a perfectly ripened avacado.

And, oh yes. I took a picture of it.
Can't you just see the men lining up to marry someone like me?

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. It was craft night at my house. Those of us working with photos got very little done. However we discussed everything from appliances to ... (I'm trying to think of something we might have discussed that starts with the letter z....zippers? nope. zanzibar? nope. zero? uh huh...) Well, anyway we talked for a long time. The last crafter just left. I love Wednesday nights.

2. Creativity. I'm thankful that we have a creative God. I get energized and motivated watching people make things. Like Terry. This is what she made tonight. Is it not the cutest?

It's an acrylic paint can with a metal lid, base and handle. She's decorated it and filled it with a gift certificate to give to her niece for her birthday.

I miss Billie's.

There's something about crafting that fills a need in my soul.

3. I'm thankful for my camera. This would be a boring blog if I had to rely on words alone. Look how different Terry's project looks when photographed with a flash:

If you're not doing anything on Wednesday night, bring your own glitter and glue and grab a spot at my table. It'll be fun.

Quit mocking.


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raych said...

ripe avacado green is also one of MY favorite colors, because it presents the opportunity for a meal of avacado-based deliciousness.