Saturday, August 5, 2006

Friday Fiver. Late. It's Saturday. Never-the-less...

The last time I did a Friday Fiver, the question cluster dealt with swimming. (Yawn. THAT was a memorable post.)
Yesterday's five deal with...

(Next to swimming, shopping is my least favorite activity.)

1. What are your five favorite stores?
Let's be real clear - I hate clothes shopping. Grocery shopping. Home maintenance shopping. Understanding that - my five favorite stores (not in order of affection) to pop into are:
- Nuggets - Used Book Store in Vedder
- Potters - Garden Centre for funky home decor items
- Home Sense - for one-of-a-kind, unusual art objects
- McBurney Lane - bought all my wall words here
- Art Galleries and Craft Stores - I'm drawn to all things creative

2. Is there any store you absolutely hate going to?
I dislike shopping in stores where the sales folk are working on commission - hate that carcass-being-surrounded-by-vultures feeling. Also feel uncomfortable in most sports stores. Clerks can tell, just by looking at me, that I'm not athletic. So why ask, "And what type of exercise will you be doing?" when I simply want to buy a cute running shoe?

3. Do you pay with cash, credit, debit, or something else?
Always credit. Unless I've misplaced my card. Which happens somewhat regularly.
I'm going for points. I've got enough racked up for a plane ticket anywhere in the US. (of course, there's the question of where I would go. And with whom... )
But I've got my plane ticket covered if the opportunity ever presents itself.
Of course, I could always use the points to get an outdoor patio set instead...

4. Do you prefer to shop in person or online?
At some point I'll join this century and do more purchasing online. I DID aquire our Creation tix online. But other than that, I haul my lard ass into my truck and grumble as I encounter tens of thousands of shoppers clogging up the bypass on their way to Walmart.

5. In the last six months, what single purchase has been the most important to you? (I'm going to list 5. Can't think which of these is the MOST important.)
Memory card reader. Makes downloading images SO much quicker.
New appliances. Love my fridge. Really wish the dishwasher drained.
Denim Shorts. 'Nuff said.
Stack of Burnable DVD's. I feel so rich having them right here beside me.
Wireless Router. Hello? Blogging from my bedroom.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. This day.
All three of them are home. And sleeping. I am at peace. And looking forward to brunch when they all wake up.
2. Yesterday.
After a couple of intense days at work, the nothingness of yesterday was a gift.
3. You think I'm going to say "tomorrow" here, don't you?
Oh so very wrong.
The third thing I'm thankful for is hoses.
Can you imagine trying to water your gardens without a hose? I hope whoever invented it got a Purlitzer Prize.


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