Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mom? Dad?

Remember way back when the new guy called me grandma?

He doesn't work at Arrow anymore.

He got married and moved to Korea to teach English. He paid me a compliment (I think) a few months before his internship at Arrow was completed. He said, "You're so cool, you could be a dad. You take your kids to Creation and let them sleep under the motorhome."

He was one deep thinker.

Anyway, got this in my inbox at work today:

Dear coolest Mom/Dad ever, is my blog. It gets updated periodically.

I hope creation went great for you again this year. I saw a photo gallery of it on and it looked so much fun.

Take care

Poor Ben's got it all wrong. I'm not cool because I take 12 kids to Creation.
I'm cool because I BLOG.


shelaine said...

see, i always said you were a supermom!

Christine Lindsay said...

The previous comment started out exactly how I wanted to; SEE, lots of people think you're fabulous. Believe it.