Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thrreee Things

I'm thankful for:

1. A special evening with Drew. (I'm missing my kids.)
He and I went shopping for his birthday gift a week late. Then we got his photo taken for a passport. And we went to White Spot for dinner. And we talked. Sigh. He gave me a hug and a few I love you's.

2. Got an awesome card in the mail today. Brought tears to my eyes. (Although that could be the PMS, now that I think about it...) She said, "...sometimes in life you don't realize what you need until after that need is met...I wonder if I can even express my thanks..."

I did hardly anything. No really. I didn't.
But its one of those times that when I did something REALLY easy for me to do (encourge someone to come to Creation) and God used the whole thing for His purposes. I know I will never be a missionary in Ethiopia. Or witness to street people in Mexico. (Or Vancouver for that matter.) I will not lead anyone in worship. (Funny story: Two of us were singing along with Parachute Band, when my friend turns to me and says, "Did you say something?" "No," I replied. "I'm singing. Not very musical, sorry.")
Bu what I can do is invite people to stuff. Ceation. Richmond Night Market. Craft night.

How cool if God can use that?

3. I thankful that I've got parents who rearrange their summer (and their lives) to have Drew stay with them as often as he wants.



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