Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Can you imagine the noise?

And, this is what a dragonfruit looks like.
If I were describe the taste...I'd say - imagine poppy seeds inside a coconut-milk flavored gelatin.

Three things I'm thankful for: (No wait, make that 4)
1. The very unexpected way that God answers prayer.
2. The two hours that Drew and I had together, picking up the trumpet and other last minute school supplies. The child talked for 120 minutes straight. Music to my ears.
3. Max's friends who came over after school to play with dart guns and watch cartoons. Grade 11? or Grade 2? Love watching them enjoy each other's company. So thankful he's got great friends.
4. The successful meeting Clint had regarding a freelance opportunity. Not sure if it'll all work out, but the experience has been invaluable. Love seeing God's hand on him as he pushes toward maturity.


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