Friday, September 1, 2006


After 17 consecutive days of frustration, I was allowed to post pics to my online album tonight.
The link is on the side bar over there -> somewhere. Or click here.

(Scroll down to the bottom or click on the word "photos" to see the album assortment available.)

Even though I was permitted to share my photos this evening, I'm still looking into other options. I'm even prepared to pay a fee for the priveldge of sharing my pics online.


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raych said...

in a bid of desperation (i have THINGS to do, not important or interesting things, but things nonetheless. CHORES, one might call them), i checked your blog just now, even though i was up LATE last night, and the odds of someone posting between the time i went to bed, are slim. but then, i thought, jane stays up LATE! kudos. thanks for the time-killer, perhaps i'd better shower now.