Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This wasn't even on my to do list.

But when I suggested that I wanted this tree removed, it appealed to their male hormones in a way that removing chippies from the garage doesn't.
They took turns using the saw, playing nicely. No one lost an eye or a finger.
Although they did get itchy, what with those spikey, prickly needles and all.
The key to efficient tree removal is a sharp saw. And two kind of bored twelve year old boys

Stump removal by Clint.
Using the big "guns" - a sledgehammer ...
and pick axe.
Where'd he get those muscular arms? He sits at a computer all day...

Drew and John, making chocolate chip cookies. Carefully measuring the flour.
That boy of mine is long.

And has big feet.

So, to recap -

things got done today.

Hopefully they'll get finished tomorrow. My yard is littered with severed branches and a dead stump. Part 2 of the project (clean and remove) might not be as much fun as the destroy and maime phase was.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Brown eyed boys.

2. Kids who are stoked about seeing the same band I am.

3. New neighbours. Kevin and Sharon - welcome to the suburbs.

Hey. Did you notice my new feature? Quote of the day - right under my map thing. Man. Soon I'm going have this blog so accessory-laden that it's going collapse under the weight of all the extras.

Speaking of that Bravenet map ... why haven't you marked your "X" there? It's acceptable to have a dogpile of folks all smooshed together on the west coast. I'm OK with that. No pressure - if you'd rather just be a lurker (aka peeping Tom), that's fine.


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