Saturday, October 28, 2006

A bit of this and a bit of that

Friday Night at Flip City...
Seeing how as the girls are coming up to the cabin for a "Girls's Only Youth Retreat" tonight, the guys had their "own" night last night.

Clint decided they'd do his two most favorite things ... a couple hours of Nintendo ...

... then a couple hours at Flip City

Drew, technically too young to officially be considered a "youth" was in there like a dirty shirt. NO WAY he was missing out on a perfect evening.

Adam, flipping out ....

Drew, flying over the "wall" with ease.

Jon, the football player, going over with the style and grace of a ballerina.

Max, choosing his favorite position (sitting) to clear the "wall".

Clint, twisting and flipping like he used to on our beds at home.

Last Sunday, Clint and Max were invited to a girl in our youth group's 16th irthday party. "Mom, can you pick up some flowers? We'll buy a vase"

So I bought an armful of cheerful every-colour-of-pink avalable carnations.
"Those are perfect!" they declared when I brought them home.

But I had my doubts when I saw the vase the three of them (Clint, Max and Kevin) picked out.
"It was the biggest one there."

They plopped the flowers in the top.
"That's a mighty fine gift." Kevin observed.

From top to bottom it stood over 3 foot tall.
Proudly they took turns carrying it through the streets of our neighbourhood over to the birthday girl's house 6 blocks away.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The warm, mild evening yesterday. Wearing just track pants and a t-shirt, I stood in the parking lot of Extra Foods last night for an hour, chatting with a friend, and it felt like a Palm Springs evening in early March. Could've been the weather. Could've been the pre-menopausal, overweight state I'm in. Hard to say.
2. A "Rythmic Abnormalities Specialist" is going to see my dad next Friday. Inspired by a friend who is correctly diagnosing her parent's aches and pains using the wonder of the internet, I googled "weak heart" and was relieved. Beta blockers were discovered/invented for such a time as this.
3. I'm just in charge of food for the girls' mini retreat. Other leaders will be running the show and doing all the touchy feely stuff. (Chocolate Fondue at 9 pm, Nachos at midnight, French Toast and fresh fruit at 9:45 am) Easy.


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