Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh Luca, I sat here and cried with you

Your tears were quiet and manly. I sobbed out loud, losing control entirely.

Sam. Oh Sam.

Abby, I've seen the 5th episode and he's fine. Your little boy is fine.
I missed ER's season opener last month because I was driving to Seattle for the Puyallup Fair thingy I thought would be such a good idea.
LUCKY for me there's a world series going on somewhere, so ER was a rerun. They reran the first show.
My nose is still all plugged up from the crying.
Watching Neela crack open Jerry's ribs with a hammer and chisel... (did they do that to my dad 15 years ago when he had bypass surgery?)
Watching Abby's C-Section ... (shudder. My first of three was an emergency one as well. Oy. The blood. The big gaping hole...)
That episode was unbelievable.
or maybe it's my PMS.
Hokey pokey but I'm an emotional mess this evening.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The wind. I love the way it blows the leaves so that they swirl aand dance around the roads and sidewalks.
2. Vitamins.
3. Drew's Math and Science teacher.

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