Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oct 31

After school, Max and Drew and I looked around for a Ninja Pirate costume. Surprisingly we didn't find one.

So we bought 10 pounds of candy and 4 almost-past-their prime pumpkins.

Oh the fun we had carving them. I just couldn't capture all the frivolity and excitement - it was oozing all over the place.

Notice they are working on already-gutted out pumpkins...
Those were their terms.
Desperate to perpetuate that ol Halloween feeling, I complied.

The results were good. Drew was overly critical of his artistic ability, but I thought it turned out awesome:

In fact, I thought all of them turned out great.

The last one on the left is mine. Can you tell what it is?

We had enough sweets to feed a small European country:

so Max was very generous when trick 'r treaters showed up. He would grab two handfuls of candy and make a point of letting our visitors know that we were blessing them big time. "You won't get this much candy anywhere else...look at this - 3 times more than you'd get at another house..." "here, have some more..."
He'd chat with the kids; "Aren't you a little old to be out getting candy? Shouldn't you be at some party, drinking?"
He got into the spirit of the evening after a few minutes and brought out our rubbermaid container of old costumes. Putting on a black cape, he continued being the Santa Claus of Halloween.
His goofy mood was infectious.
His big-heartedness was heartwarming. At one point I walked into the entrance-way to see him kneeling in front of a young girl, filling her little bag to overflowing.
As he closed the door he said to Clint, "She was trick or treating all by herself. No friends or anyone to walk around with... and her bag? It was so small. I filled it right up. From now on, I'm going to load up kids who are by themselves."
I had to walk away. His tenderness got me all choked up.

When his littlest brother arrived, Max dumped a few pounds of candy into his bag.
"Oh, Max..." he said, excitedly. "You gave me LOTS!"

He came into the house, looking things over, when Drew asked him if he wanted to play with some toys.

They went through the toy basket and pulled out anything interesting. Which was everything.
"Hey Drew," he'd ask repeatedly. "What's this?"

Typically, he got all excitied when he uncovered the toy guns. While he and Drew ran around shooting each other, his mom and dad went to Subway to grab dinner. Seconds after they left he did the bathroom dance.
"Do you need to go pee?" I asked.
Clearly he did not want to put down the gun. Or stop playing.
"Hey, Mikhail, come over here," I said. "I wanna show you something."
He walked over to where I was. "Here's our toilet in case you want to go pee."
"Sure," he said. And he stood in front of the toilet.
"Maybe I should help you get this costume off?" I suggested as I untied the back.
"Sure," he said. "Hey Drew. I'll be right back. To do more shooting, OK?"
I helped him pull his shoulders and arms free. He took it from there and dropped the rest to the floor along with his underwear.
"Uh, so do you sit or stan...OK, you stand. Here, let's lift the lid...Ok good. All done?"
"Sure," he said, "I need to jiggle..."
"Right," I agreed. "Can I help you pull up your superman gaunchies?"
"Sure," he said, yanking them up past his waist.
I straightened them out, then retied his costume.
Just then the doorbell rang.
"Trick or treat," the kids outside yelled.
"I'll get it," he offered.
He ran to the door and opened it.
He took a good look at the kids.
"I'll give them candy," he decided.
Following his big brother's example, he grabbed handfuls of candies for each trick 'r treater.
"Here you go," he said seconds before slamming the door shut.

Then he went right back to shooting Drew,

... and playing with 'muscle guys'...

When Drew tried on some old masks,

...he did too.
A few minutes later, Clint and Max left for Youth and Mark came back to pick up his little one.
And the full force of a boring Halloween settled on Drew.

He alternated between watching the Canucks and watching The Simpsons.

As far as Halloweens go, "this one sucked."
I've got to figger something out for next year...
Ideas, anyone?
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Jack o lanterns
2. Mini O Henry chocolate bars
3. Frosty mornings

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