Sunday, October 1, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt

The last activity of the day was a photo scavenger hunt. The kids divided themselves into 4 groups. They were to:
Take creative pictures of someone in their group:
1. Diving
2. Jumping
3. Camping
4. Flirting
5. Shurbizing
6. Climbing

Bring back photos of:
7. Travis VB
8. Vera
9. Carol
10. Das Schmidthaus
11. Dirty Dozen
12. reading Granny

Diving Photos:




Shurbizing (I made the word up. They guessed at it's meaning...)

(Hanging with the totem pole...shurbizing)


(Watering the "shrubs" is shurbizing...)

(Pruning the shrubs...shurbizing)


Travis VB:



Das Schmidthaus:

Dirty Dozen:

12 Dirty Shoes...

Brendan's camp name is "Dozen", because his jersey number is 12...So ... Dirty Dozen

Reading granny:

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