Saturday, November 25, 2006

You know how you never really pay attention to your dishwasher?

I turned mine on tonight at 11 pm then sank into the couch to watch a movie (Ice Age - The Meltdown) with Drew.
I just woke up. The movie's over and he's gone to bed I guess.

The dishwasher is still scrubbing away.

Does a 2 hour wash cycle seem excessive to you?

Tonight was Pre-Hi Youth night. I was in charge. We were going to go to the Walnut Grove pool for a few hours of wet fun. Then over to McD's for a greasy, unhealthy snack. I designed an e-mail invite that I had the church secretary send out to all the families in our church that had kids in grades 6 to 9.

At noon I got a phone call from one of the moms letting me know that she had just heard that the electrical transformer at the pool had blown up. The pool was closed til further notice. Did I have an alternate plan?

I called the bowling alley and asked about lane availability. It was limited, but we were welcome to come... I just needed to let them know an exact number. So, with the help of the church secretary and one of the other moms, we called all the families, and sent out another e-mail. Once I had rough idea of the number of kids to expect, I called them back only to find they were now booked solid and "sorry. Did I want to book 3 lanes for 10 pm?"

This is the sort of thing that has me holed up in my room, burried deep under my down comforter, watching West Wing episodes from the 5th season on my laptop.

Decision making is wearing me out. I'm exhausted from examining things from all sides, deciding on a course of action, only to have to start the process over again due to circumstances beyond my control.


I've got a writer's group meeting in the morning.
I've got nothing.
But I'll go. And get inspired.
Then I'll buy groceries because Max is having 20 friends over for lunch on Sunday.

Maybe I'm tired because I've had 62 people over for meals this week.

When will that dishwasher be finished already?

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My Thots said...

You know it's funny, but I thought the same thing about my dishwasher this week. It seemed to be going on forever. I found out that the thing was off in the bottom so it couldn't run it's cycle. Just a thot!!