Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas. Only 17 hours away.

In order to be not-stuck-in-a-rut and over-burdened by the crush of Christmas-traditions-we-must-do-every-year, I'm whisking the kids off to Hemlock for the weekend.

I get off work at 12.
Max finishes school at 1.
Drew will be ready by 3.
And Clint should be home by 5.

If all goes well (and I skip the sleeping part of night time activities in order to clean out the truck and do laundry and plan meals) we should be at the condo by 7 pm on Friday. I'm a teensy bit nervous as I've only been on the mountain once before and that was about 100 years ago, so I don't remember anything other than the car-advertisement-worthy windiness of the road.

Assuming I will have at least a minimal amount of help from the kids unpacking and setting up, I hope to have a late night baked salmon and rice dinner ready for us to enjoy by 9 pm.
By 9:05 we should be done.
And opening our gifts to each other by 9:06...

And playing with our new toys in front of the woodburning fireplace late into the night.

An O Christmas - spontaneous and random - on Dec 22.

Remind me - why did I set up a tree in my living room again?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I'm ready. Gifts are wrapped and packed.
2. I'll be driving a 4x4 truck with new tires and enough cargo space.
3. I'm not expected back at work til the 2nd of January.

Merry Christmas

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