Sunday, January 7, 2007

Bertuzzi was sick. He didn't even play. Insert frowny face.

But we won.
Insert smiley face.
Today was the first time Drew and I got to see the new scoreboard. It is amazing.

Our seats were the ones we usually get, the last row in the bottom section - right smack dab in the middle. The seat next to mine is always a single. Season ticket holders have bought the two seats on either side of it - so it ends up being one of those seats you can get for 1/2 price on game day. For the past 3 years, a woman has always bought that seat. Usually one from out of town. I've spoken with ladies from Seattle, Victoria, Dallas and LA.
Tonight, just before the game started two teens took the seats next to Drew. They looked to be about 15 years old - the boy had not started shaving yet and he was wearing an impressive set of braces. The girl took the spot right beside Drew, so he leaned into me, giving her lots of space. He noted they were very young and allowed to date. He took the opportunity to complain about my stupid rule of not allowing him to have a girlfriend til he's in grade 12.
Seconds later, a good-looking 30-something-year-old guy moved into the seat beside me. He took off his jacket, yanked on his knit sweater, and claimed his space and a bit of mine as he sat down. His arm took over the arm rest between us, and he sat with his knees wide apart, so our thighs were touching.
I could barely breathe. He must've finished a pack of cigarettes in the parking lot and then chewed up an entire package of doublemint gum on the way in.
I leaned into Drew for most of the game.
Which was not a hardship at all. So that was good.
And then we finally won after a period of overtime and two shoot out rounds which was even gooder.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. We're all home, together under one roof. I like it like this.
2. No traffic going into or coming out of Vancouver. A miracle?
3. I made it through 2 tough challenges this weekend. Since the beginning of time, I've spent the early quiet portion of Friday nights reading the People magazine and eating a chocolate bar. This Friday I had apple pie and ice cream. And then tonight... Drew and I always share a bag of Smarties at the hockey game. Tonight we shared a bag of mini-donuts. And watched, listened and smelt the dating teens beside him share a bag of Smarties. Seven days I've lasted. "Why are you doing this?" Drew asked. "Because I want to see if I can."

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My Thots said...

Good for you!! Staying off chocolate or anything you love is really hard. I'll add a prayer for you to my list, that you'll get what you need from Christ. Strength, wisdom, a sense of lightness, one less pound or three.
Hang in there, you can do it.