Monday, January 8, 2007

The forecast is for rain, light rain, showers and flurries.

Time to make some plans.

As we head into the season that brings great joy to my boys, I fear for my state of mind. Winter depresses me.

(And this winter I won't even have chocolate to fall back on. What was I thinking? Who cares if I can go 100 days or not? It's not like I'm going to lose any weight if I replace chocolate with apple pie and mini donuts. )

Anyway, I spend the evening surfing the internet and looking at my options.

What follows is my plan to make the next 3 months bearable:

First; Off to see the taping of:
Writer/Humorist Phil Callaway is the special guest. He will be sharing his thoughts on:
Facing Roadblocks: Learning to Laugh when Hitting Life's Dead Ends and
Fast Forward Families: How to Slow Down and Start Living Again

Then - I've booked at weekend at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort for me n my boys...

In mid February I hope to see the ultimate Chick Flick of 2007 - a movie with Hugh Grant (as an aging has-been pop star of the '80's) and Drew Barrymore (the artsy girl who cares for his plants).
Following that, at the end of February, right when I'll need it most, we're off to Seattle to see -

Mercy Me

and what will likely be our last chance ever to see Audio A -

in a small intimate setting - a church.
Yee Haw.
That oughta be an awesome, awesome show.

A few short weeks later is Spring Break. No desert holiday this year. No tropical vacation this year. Maybe a few days at the resort in Lindell Beach on Cultus Lake?
And we'll finish off the winter by heading to Seattle for a day trip to hear Kutless, Stellar Kart and -
The Newsboys.
Again, a small venue. A community centre in Everett. How fun.
So that's the plan.
Tickets have been bought.
Reservations have been made.
Christmas money is now all spent.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I don't live in a place where winters are even worse.
2. I live in a place where fun options are only 2 hours away.
3. I've got friends who are totally on board to have some winter fun with me and my boys.

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