Thursday, January 25, 2007


After school I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies (from scratch) and we (Max, Drew and I) ate them, warm from the oven, while sitting around my computer watching the 2 most recent episodes of The Office.

It felt all cozy and lovely, laughing with my boys about the ineptitude of Michael Scott. At one point, that "you've got mail" sound came through the speakers, indicating that a new message had been delivered to my inbox. At the end of the episode, I asked Drew to open Outlook so that I could see who it was from before we moved on to the next episode.

Turns out it was from my friend who was having some (cancer) tests done today. The subject was "results", so I said to Drew, "Open it. I've been praying all day."
Max wondered what I'd been praying about so I told him they were checking for cancer.
Drew opened the e-mail and we all leaned in close to read the one line she had written:
"everthing is okay. Just discovered I have hemmoriods..."

Yay for hemmoroids.

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