Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another trip down Memory Lane

In 1963, three days before my second birthday my brother was born.
He got the crib and I was moved to a big girl's bed. It was a leg-less twin boxspring and mattress - the perfect height for a toddler.

My dad, crafty since birth it would seem, made me a set of princess furniture using one of his favoritest tools - the router. As I sit here typing, I can hear the whine of the router putting grooves in whatever wood-based creation he was working on. Of course, the top was made of high gloss arborite laminate.

In this case, harvest gold to match the metallic gold accents on the drawer and door. Pictured is the only piece left of the set - it's one of the night tables. (Originally there were 2 night tables, a cupboard headboard, a dresser and a desk top.)
Max is standing beside it to demonstrate how feminine and petite this furniture was. So very ideal for a two year old.
When we moved to the farm in 1973 I was 12 and got new store bought bedroom furniture. My sister inherited the hand made princess set. Which she outgrew long before it was replaced.
In 2007 it will burnt along with the rest of the contents of the barn.
"So what's the best book you've read recently?" he asks me over dinner.
Clint and I have walked up to our neighbourhood Sushi Bar and are waiting for our order. We're sitting at a table, sipping our beverages and discussing literature. He read CS Lewis' The Great Divorce and The Screwtape Letters this weekend on the bus to and from Silver Star. He wanted to talk about them, but alas, I haven't read them so it was a short conversation.
"Have you finished Blue Like Jazz yet?" he asked.
"I'm about 4 chapters in and it hasn't captured me yet."
"Keep going," he encourages me, "it gets better."
While at Harrison he read "The Life of Pi" and wanted to chat about that, but I'd read it so long ago, I couldn't remember the details.
People, this is why we have children. Why we have babies. Why we don't eat them when they're teens.
Because at some point, after the rebellion, anger, attitude, more anger, unending messes, thousands of pizzas, gazillions of dollars, again with the anger and the mountains of laundry - they want to talk about books.
It is so worth it.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Just got home from helping a friend make a blog. Is there anything more fun than that? I don't think so. Dinner with my boy, and blog-making with my friend. The best way to deal with a Monday.
2. I think winter just might be over, and I survived.
3. Max wants a job. He's actually filled out an application. He's growing up.

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