Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Lonng Day

It started when I 4x4'ed my way down the driveway. (Do not attempt this while pregnant or if you have back problems.) Another Saturday at the farm, packing up 33 years of my parent's life.

Instead of using boxes, my mom thought these canvas bags would be good to use for packing things up. She had dozens of them all over the house. Some with CD's and VHS tapes, others with craft supplies, some with office supplies, some with decorative items...

I dropped them into boxes, labeled and sealed them then moved on.
My mom has a number of collections: wooden dolls, stamps, coin, books, artwork, china, magazines, wool, antique vases ...
while my dad collects cordless drills -

I walked past the snacks my mom bought for us about 100 times today. I did not take one.

Not sure where in the world you were today, but in Surrey it was sunny. So I took my camera on a memory walk. Twice. The first time all I saw was the mess and ruin. The second time, I saw the farm through my friend's eyes (she popped by for some laminate and while I showed her around, I was reminded of how much I love this place) as she bubbled on about it's beauty.

When I was little, we had cows. Those blackberry bushes were under control back then. Now? They're scary. Really scary.

I spent some time in the barn and realized that filth, lack of organization and messiness are heriditary - my kids inherited it from my dad.

Shudder. It's a good thing they're burning the barns. T'would take months to clean them out.

Mandi came to the farm to work in her overalls. By noon, she had found a lace collar, my mom's sequined tube top, a schnazzy belt, a kerchief....

As the sun was setting I went outside for one last walk-about and teared up. I am who I am because I grew up here.

At 5:15 pm, Drew and I headed into Vancouver to watch the Canuck's play. I was achy and stiff and tired, but looking forward to an evening with my only offspring who enjoys the game. We got there in time for the pre-game skate and the multi-media show.
Tingly. I got all tingly while watching the presentation. There's the big (HUGE) screen hanging in the middle, but all the way around the seating area there is a screen that circles GM place just above the lower boxes and below the upper seats. Their use of that screen was amazing. It's relatively narrow, so all they showed were the eyes of former great Canuck stars. I was just sitting there appreciating the creativity - the powerful music and the awesome imagery, when all of a sudden they showed Harold Snepts eyes and just put up the name "Harold". He was my favorite player. And it kinda had an impact. My eyes filled with tears though when Pat Quinn's eyes were shown. He was the best. And I loved that we were recognizing his contributions to Canuck history even though he is coaching our competition. It just seemed like a classy thing to do.
When the show ended, some guy came out to sing the national anthems. He did a great job with the American one, but did an outstanding job with the Canadian one. At one point, he stopped singing just to listen to us. 18,000 fans singing Oh Canada is moving. And the tears that had filled my eyes earlier, slipped out.
Drew noticed and was embarassed.
I guess there are worse ways a mom could humiliate her kids.
Anyways, it was an incredible game. We so won. And Linden got two assists.

Afterwards, we walked to the ends of the earth to get to my truck parked in a lot that charges $25 for the evening.
I scored huge brownie points with my boy (he may even be able to overlook the whole crying-at-a-hockey-game thing) when I didn't fall into line to leave the lot. I just made my own exit - by driving over the sidewalk and off the curb.
I'm from Surrey. We do things like that.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. It was so warm today we were just wearing t-shirts. Love Spring weather in February.
2. The house is packed. Done. Done like dirt.
3. I had Midol in the house. This back ache isn't a moving-boxes-owie...oh no siree. Got my magic bag warming up my lower back cramps and the drugs are taking the edge off.

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