Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Night

Drew (and probably my dad) had been looking forward to this night for a long time. Drew, his friend John, and cousin Chad were going to stay for an overnighter with Bups at the new house. They were going to sleep on the floor, any floor, in any of the 79 rooms. Or maybe on the tri-seat-red-leather-recliner in the media room. Or maybe in the Nintendo corner in the basement. Or in the master bedroom looking at the lights in Coquitlam. Or in one of the closets.

I met dad and mom at Dave-the-mechanics and gave Dad his pick up truck back, along with 2 excited 12 year olds. I paid for the repairs on my Durango then headed back home.

Clint wasn't coming home for dinner and Max just wanted left-over pizza, so I made myself a bowl of Ichiban. Life is so friggin easy sometimes.

Having this Friday night totally free was an unexpected gift considering the chaos of the past 2 weeks. And then.

A friend called.
Did I want to see a movie with her tonight?
I picked her up and on the way to the theatre she confessed it was her first time. She'd never gone out with a girlfriend to a movie, or dinner, or, well anything. She was like, a virgin in these matters. And she picked me to break her in. Because, well, I've become quite experienced in these things. One might say I'm a go-out-with-friends-to-movies-coffee-dinner-and-walks slut.
I say that proudly.
Because I was once like her.
And now I'm not.
This way is better.

We saw The Queen. Loved it.
For years, I was completely taken with Diana, so this was a treat. Helen deserves the awards she's won for this role.

On the way home, we stopped at Safeway to pick up 30 litres of fruit juice. She needed it for a function her husband was attending Saturday morning.
SunRype was on sale: 4 for $5.00 - plus there was a coupon available: 40 cents off each carton. HECK of a deal.
45 minutes later we left the store.

It was rung through wrong. Twice. The only manager on shift was having a break so she didn't answer her pages. And then clearly didn't understand how to fix it. The clerk was ready to walk off the job. It was a nightmare I tell you. A freakin gong show. I pretended I was an uninterested bystander; I bought the People magazine and read all about Britney. (Speaking of which, I think we should pray for her. She is clearly a young woman in need of support. Two children in two years with a divorce pending. Not easy things to deal with. I can't judge her harshly cuz I feel her pain and see this whole mess as a cry for help.)

Anyway, the refund was calculated and we were on our way.
Minutes after I dropped her off, my phone wiggled in my pocket.
"Jane? I've taken dad to the hospital..."

You know, when you've got a parent that's not quite right healthwise, these are the phone calls you always anticipate. I worry about him more than I worry about my kids these days.

Anyway, the overnighter got moved to two different locations, the boys are going to Chad's house, my dad will be in the hospital. Not quite the night they planned. But a good alternative...

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. That dad remembered that he was supposed to have blood tests done monthly and he's forgotten to have that done for the past 6 months. So he went this morning.

2. I'm thankful that the lab processed his tests this very day and when the technician saw the results, she phoned the doctor immediately. And when she couldn't get ahold of dad's doctor, she took the info home and kept trying to reach the doctor's partner. And didn't stop trying.

3. I'm thankful that the doctor kept trying to reach my parents late on a Friday night. And that she finally left a message on their answering machine (at the old house). And that my mom went back to the old house at 10:00 pm (instead of staying at the new house) and heard the message. And that the doctor's partner was available to discuss the findings with mom AFTER 10 pm on a friday night.

I'm thankful that there are quick and easy ways to reverse the effects of a drug dad's been taking that is putting him at risk for a stroke.

I'm thankful that there are medical professionals out there that care. Care enough to be inconvenienced on a Friday night.

I'm thankful I believe in a God who loves my dad.


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